Why Blog?

It is a simple question with a complex answer.  A strong blog is the core of your Internet marketing strategy. It provides content to fuel your social media updates, helps you build credibility, shortens your sales cycle and sends a steady stream rich, relevant content to search engines.

Blogging is so important for small business owners, that it is a topic we return to over and over again. Check out the blogging tips from a few of our favorite conversations. 

a few of our favorite conversations

michael stelzner

#61 Blog Fuel

From our archive, a conversation about using content to “fuel” your business.

Allison Carter

#153 Blog Content

How to turn questions into blog content.

jarred juett

#185 Why No One Reads Your Blog

Your blog is not about you, it is about things your customers want to know.

Sam von Tobel

#300 Blogging Tips and FAQ's

Dive in with our content team lead Sam to answer common blogging questions. 

ready to work on your blogging skills? 

As you can tell from these interviews, blogging improves your search ranking, showcases work examples, fuels your social media and answers questions prospective customers have about your business

If you are ready to get serious about your blogging program, then register for Blogging for Business.  In this self-paced program designed for business owners like you, you will learn why you need to blog, and how to create, curate and cultivate content from your audience. The program includes videos, worksheets and checklists.



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