“It is all About the Story”

episode #482 – May 15,2020

GUEST: Bobbi Baehne | Think Big, Go Local

Instagram stories are a great way to let a little bit of your brand personality shine through. 

the episode

Think Instagram is just for pretty pictures of food, fashion and flowers will think again. With Instagram stories, your business can deliver relevant messages to an audience that really cares. Our guest today Bobbi Baehne will share tips and tricks on how you can use powerful Instagram stories to grow your business.

Instagram was about fashion icons and celebrity chefs until it was purchased by Facebook a few years ago.  They have expanded the platform adding tools to make it more useful for businesses. 

One of the most powerful tools in the platform is the stories feature. These larger posts take up more room in the news feed, can be customized with stickers, text and even polls.  And because they disappear in 24 hours people are more likely to pay attention, because they know they will be gone soon.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Stories are spreading from Instagram and Facebook to Twitter and even LinkedIn.  This is a tool you need to learn how to use. 

our guest bobbi baehne

Bobbi Baehne brings a wealth of experience, passion and education in integrated marketing techniques to Think Big Go Local.


For over 15 years, she has worked as an executive Marketing Director in the small business and non-profit sectors. Ms. Baehne has also been an active part of her community, serving on various Boards of Directors and teaching Social Media Marketing at her local community college.
As a highly respected and sought after public speaker, TedX Speaker, and consultant, she is passionate about educating the business community on the relevance of effective social media marketing and creative ways to attract viewers and build credibility and authority.
She excels at working with business owners to develop a strategy for the most effective way to reach and engage their online audience, converting them into loyal, paying customers.
Bobbie is also one of the contributing authors in  More than a Few Written Words  – a Collection of Essays by some of my favorite guests.
Bobbi Baehne

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