More than a Few Words – Episode: 383

Brainstorming By Yourself

May 10, 2019

This week – My guest, Carrie Anton the author of Me, Myself and Ideas, explains how even individuals can use the power of brainstorming to generate new ideas.


Lorraine Ball


About Carrie Anton

Carrie Anton is the Chief Wonder Woman behind Wonder: An Idea Studio and co-author of Me, Myself & Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Brainstorming Solo (Andrews McMeel, April 2019). Wonder is an ideation studio offering creative training, guided brainstorm sessions, and tailored strategies for innovation.

Ideas are what we do; they’re what we know. And when it comes to getting unstuck, solving a problem, or coming up with the next big, Wonder is ready to lead the way. And to take a page from the comic books, the goal of this Wonder Woman is to save the day with my own skilled version of the comic icon’s superhero powers, wielding my “lassos of ideas,” and donning  “bracelets of creative submission.” It’s time for you to benefit from my scheming brain and creative mastery, and that all boils down to helping businesses and employees help themselves. The idea superpower lives within everyone. Let me show you how to creatively tap into it and bring your best ideas to life.

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