Tips To Start a Business

episode #526 – October 15, 2020

GUEST: Brett Shapiro |

Thinking about starting a business?  Brett Shapiro has some advice for you. 

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These days a lot of people who never thought they were going to be business owners are starting businesses. These new entrepreneurs have questions, an our guest Brett Shapiro has answers.

To run a legitimate business, the US government and your State Secretary of State is going to want to know who you are, what your business name is, and what kind of business you’re running. To do this, there are a handful of documents you will need at the formation of your business. 

Need help? Be sure to grab a copy of Brett’s    Business Startup Guide

our guest brett shapiro

Brett Shapiro started with the goal of transforming how entrepreneurs start and build valuable businesses. He is a business guru who specializes in business formation and has formed more than 10 entities himself.

Brett educates and empowers clients to establish companies by providing access to products, services, and resources for growing businesses.

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