“Find Your Story”

episode #719 –  May 10, 2022

GUEST: Bridget Cook-Burch

The stories that we tell ourselves really are our most important stories. 

the episode

​The stories that we tell ourselves really are our most important stories. Our guest, Bridget Cook-Burch shared her thoughts on stories and how stories drive our destiny.  It is less about what is really happening and more about how we frame the situation.

There are stories of opportunities and stories of limitations.  As entrepreneurs we got to capture the beautiful stories and learn to reframe others so we  actually write a new chapter of where we’re headed in our lives so that we are ultimately in charge of our own destiny.

our guest Bridget Cook-Burch

Bridget Cook-Burch’s clients call her “The Book Whisperer”. She is a New York Times & Wall Street Journal bestselling author, mentor, trainer, mamma-bear humanitarian, and speaker known for riveting stories of transformation.

Her powerful work has been showcased on Oprah, Dateline, CNN, GMA, The History Channel, NPR and in People among many others.

She is the CEO and Founder of YourInspiredStory.com.

As a successful entrepreneur, Bridget has also owned and operated a multimillion-dollar trucking company, a phone book and a PR agency. She is also a co-founder and former executive director of SHEROES United, a non-profit organization that helps women and girls rise from trauma.

As a leader, storyteller, trainer and humanitarian, her greatest passion is helping others to discover the importance of their own story, and to become leaders in their own communities, and worldwide.

Bridget’s many national bestsellers include Divine Turbulence, The Witness Wore Red; Shattered Silence; Skinhead Confessions; Leading Women; and also Living Proof. She is getting ready to publish three more in 2022.

Bridget invites you to believe in the power of your story to change the world. Join her writers’ retreats and leadership retreats in Utah, Italy, Ireland and more.

Find out more at www.YourInspiredStory.com and www.SHEROESUnited.org



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