“Ideas are Free”

episode #692 –  March 3, 2022

GUEST: Bruno Pešec

Ideas are free.  Turning them into real products requires time and resources

the episode

What is the difference between an thought and an idea.  It is not just semantics according to my guest Bruno Pesec.   A thought is something fleeting.  It becomes an idea when you write it down and start formulating a process to bring it to life. 

Ideas are free, but the time and resources required to bring them to life are not.  So before you pull the trigger on that idea you need to think about the value of the idea. Who will it serve, how does it fit into your business and what will it take to bring that idea to reality? 


our guest Bruno Pešec

Bruno Pešec helps business leaders innovate profitably.

He is one of the rare innovators who can claim that he has worked on a regulation-defying freight train and an award-winning board game for teaching entrepreneurship and innovation.

With ten years of experience in different industries—including defense, manufacturing, education, entertainment, and financial services—he has delivered projects that had positive impact on GDP of several countries, succeeded and failed inventing and innovating, and overcame a number of problems and challenges with no obvious solutions.



Ideas are free - bruno pesec

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