“Let Your Goals Flow”

episode #655 –  November 11, 2021

GUEST: Cailen Ascher

You will achieve your goals, but maybe not on the schedule you envision

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​Goals are an important part of a successful business, but we often don’t achieve them as quickly as we would like.  Coach Cailen Ascher suggests business owners take a few lessons from yoga.

They have these wonderful teachings around non grasping, and detachment, which often get misinterpreted, as being blasé about life. That is not the point. Think of it as if you are holding your goals with an open hand rather than a clenched fist.

When we are running our businesses entirely from the ego from our humaneness, we can get ourselves all worked up about stuff that actually then creates more problems because we are bringing such negative energy to it. When we allow ourselves to trust that things are working out in the highest for all and explore that possibility that maybe there is a force greater than ourselves, it allows us to see things with a bit more humor.

Taking this approach Cailen envisions herself as more of a channel through which  work is flowing through rather than  as the creator of everything. That allows her to feel more in flow, more like a messenger of the work she’s doing rather than a expert who needs to meet these these rigid HARD goals.

our guest Cailen Asche​r

Cailen Ascher is a Soulful Business Coach with a 3-day workweek, a mom of two little girls and the creator of Success Made Simple Accelerator™, a program that helps women attract their first clients with ONE high-ticket offer.

Best known for helping her clients become $100K coaches, Cailen is an award-winning business coach who has been featured in Business Insider, Huffington Post and Inspired Coach Magazine and has been interviewed on top podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire and She Means Business Podcast among many others. She is also host of The Soulful Business Show™ which airs weekly.

Her masterminds and teachings have helped 1000s of women transform their lives and businesses with her proven strategies for creating a soulful, successful and scalable business.

Cailen lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her husband, two small daughters and a spunky dog named Olive.

If you’d like to learn Cailen’s 3-step method for attracting soulmate clients, grab a seat for her upcoming masterclass here: www.CailenAscher.com/masterclass

If you’d like to learn your Soul Business Archetype, take the quiz here: www.CailenAscher.com/quiz

cailen ascher let your goals flow

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