“New Calls”

episode #438 – January 10, 2020

GUEST: Charlie Cina | Expose and Close

Everyone has a story to tell. Learning how to tell yours is an important business strategy. Listen now!

the episode

A cold call should really be called a new call because your goals is simply to build a new relationship.  Start the conversation with your power presentation. This is short, maybe eight to ten seconds which identifies who you are, what you do, and ultimately, what problem you can help somebody solve.

 While you won’t make a sale in ten seconds you need to capture the attention of the other person with a message which will open them up to a longer conversation.

 KEY TAKE AWAY -Be prepared for every conversation

our guest

 Charlie Cina captivates his audiences and teaches them how to master the right mindset, missions, and moves to reach their personal potential to drive massive revenue.

Through his writings, speaking, and consulting, he has built a vast group of followers known as Disciples of Sales.

Charlie believes that the ability to present and persuade are necessary life skills that everyone needs to succeed.

He will teach you that your primary responsibility in business is to expose your brand, expose your products, expose your services, and expose your solutions to build long lasting revenue relationships.

Learn more at: ExposeandClose.com

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