“The Networking Quest”

episode #649 –  October 21, 2021

GUEST: Chella Diaz

What can you learn in 100 networking conversations?

the episode

What would you learn in one hundred networking conversations?  And how would those conversations change your business? That is what our guest, Chella Diaz set out to discover when she set a goal to have conversations with one hundred smart, interesting women.

She learned that not everyone is interested in collaborating and sharing resources, and that’s ok.  The conversations can still be interesting, but there may not be a follow up or long term relationship.  But she also found people who were willing to take the relationship beyond the conversation and build something together.

Great business relationships start on a personal level.  So as you begin your networking conversation, do you have things in common as a starting point for your relationship. 


our guest chella diaz

Chella Diaz is passionate about empowering women to master their money skills. She helps women identify and release their money baggage, so that they are able to set and achieve their financial goals.

chella Diaz

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