“Marketing Can’t Do That! ”

episode #479 – MAY 5, 2020

GUEST: Chris Hoyt | Chris the Brain

Marketing can’t make people buy from you. 

the episode

Wouldn’t it be great if your marketing could get people to buy from you? Unfortunately, as our guest Chris Hoyt explains, that’s not how marketing works.  What can marketing do?

  1. Marketing can help people know you exist.  if you are just starting out, marketing can help introduce your new company
  2. It can communicate your value
  3. It can give people an incentive to try your services or your products
  4. And most of all it can help you listen to your customers.  Armed with this information you can make better decisions.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Good marketing is like a healthy relationship with two people actively engaged in the exchange. 

our guest chris hoyt

Chris “The Brain” Hoyt helps smart people succeed in a stupid world.

He is the founder and ongoing mentor with Apprenace, which consults with organizations on developing intern programs, and coaches young professionals as they grow their skills. Chris is also the Marketing Director for Onebridge, a data analytics and enterprise app development firm listed as one of the top 5 “Best Places to Work” in Indy for the past 5 years.

 As an edutainer, Chris gives fun, informative, and slightly offensive talks on marketing, psychology, and stupid business trends. My speeches and seminars are guaranteed to make the audience laugh, think, and walk away questioning their current business habits. Why does he call himself a “super-villain”? You can find out here: 

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