There was a time when your home page needed to contain all that you did. The format was much like the front page of a newspaper with a series of article snippets with links to learn more. But the trends have shifted. Today, the most effective home pages are designed to lead visitors to the right place with one strong call to action.

This week, our brief podcast focuses on what your home page should look like and what you should change. Lorraine and Jarred walk you step by step through the sections of a well-designed modern home page.

  • Less is more in the Internet of today. Simplify your home page to encourage one clear action from your audience.
  • Consider moving extra content from your home page into internal pages or a blog to grab more space in search.
  • It’s ok to have more options for home page visitors than just “Buy Now.” Reserve some space for them to sign up for a newsletter or call for a quote.

When you are done listening to today’s program, take a minute to complete our web quiz to see how your current website stacks up.

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