“Collaboration Tips”

episode #567-  February 25, 2021

GUEST: Henriette Danel | Strategic Business Coach

Collaboration opens up a universe of possibilities. 


the episode

There are five keys to a good collaboration: 

  1. Look for other businesses in your niche. They don’t need to do exactly what you do.  In fact it is best if you provide slightly different, but complimentary services
  2. Define a clear goal for the collaboration .Be sure the goal brings value to all the collaboration partners. 
  3. Look for collaboration partners with the right skills and the right energy. 
  4. Clarity and clear communication between all the partners is critical for success of your joint venture. 
  5. It is essential that everyone involved is willing to commit to the actions required to make the project successful.  

our guest henriette danel

Henriette Danel is a strategic business coach and the host of the Entrepreneurial Success podcast. She is  focused on helping service-based business owners attract more clients and grow.

In her own words:

Born in South Africa, I always knew I’d be a Successful Entrepreneur.  She has a unique ability is to take complicated strategies, dissect them and put it together in such a way, that’s easier to understand & implement.  And because of this, her clients receive easy to follow guidance on what they need to do, to attract high paying clients continuously

Her motto: “Nothing will happen, unless YOU make it Happen!”


collaboration opens a universe of possibilities

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