I love a good story!

Stories are a valuable element in building your personal brand, marketing your business, and as you will discover the right story can drive sales. Forget about the facts and figures.  You can make your product or service come to life with real stories of real people and how the benefited from working with you.   Stories become memorable messages your audience can relate to. 

Here are some of  my favorite conversations with great storytellers who shared their secrets on how to build and tell great stories about your business.  

a few of my favorite conversations


#768 Tell Stories About Your Best Days - David Hutchens

Every one needs to learn to tell the story which demonstrates what you do when you are at your best.

#627 What Story Does Your Company Tell? - Kurian Tharakan

Organizations, movements, products, companies thrive or fail when their stories thrive or fail.

#719 Find Your Story - Bridget Cook-Burch

he stories that we tell ourselves really are our most important stories because they stories drive our destiny.

about the show

It started as a conversation with friends. When someone would drop by Roundpeg, Lorraine would pull out her iPhone and record a bit of banter. From those first, informal interactions with local marketing professionals, authors, and entrepreneurs, More than a Few Words, a marketing podcast was born.

Over the last decade, we’ve experimented with lots of formats including 30-minute live episodes, complete with a call-in number and a real-time Twitter feed. There were half-baked marketing ideas, conversations with marketing celebrities, lots of laughs, and good information along the way.

Today, the ten-minute conversations are heard by business owners around the world looking for practical tips and a little bit of marketing inspiration.