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Lindsey Anderson

Meet Lindsey Anderson

Lindsey Anderson has been in the business and digital marketing industry for over 20 yearsHelping hundreds of coaches, consultants and experts take their business to the next level through coaching programs and done-for-you marketing agency, She’s seen it all. Literally.

Lindsey always brings  new ideas and trends to each conversation.  As she told me in our first conversation, living on the “bleeding edge” is bloody, but it is profitable.

Each rapid fire conversation flies by.  Don’t take my word for it, listen to these fast paced conversation for yourself. 

what we talked about

#392 The Challenge Method

In 2019, Lindsey Anderson, told me webinars were a thing of the past.  For consultants and coaches hoping to reach new audiences she suggested a Facebook Challenge offered in a private group.

This is still a great strategy! 

#289 Getting More From Your Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is easy.  For a relatively small investment, even a novice marketer can reach a wide audience. But if you want better results you need to move beyond the basics.   

#351 Smart Speaker Marketing

 Whether they say Hey Alexa, or Hey Google, or even hello Apple consumers are turning to these devices every day to turn on and off other electronics in their home, make notes, set a reminder and even buy items on Amazon.

Lindsey  thinks those speakers present an opportunity for marketers.

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