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Episode # 292 - Overhead at the 'Peg

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What’s happening at the Little White House

Ever wonder what goes on inside the little white house the Roundpeg crew calls home?  Just search twitter for our company hashtag #OHatThePeg. What you will find are snippets of conversations and inside jokes.
We do it to give potential employees and prospective customers a little insight into the creativity and perspective of the company. And for those of us inside The ‘Peg a way of capturing some of the humor, fun and occasional venting that is all part of our daily routine.


While this works well for us as a creative agency, lots of companies can use this same strategy to show off a bit of your organization’s personality. This week, Lydia and Lorraine shared some of their favorite tweets along with tips on how you can develop your own company hashtag

  • Keep the tweets light and fun with absolutely no promotion of products or services.
  • Keep them short and pithy.  Yes, there are now 280 characters available, but readers are more likely to skip over long blocks of text.
  • The comment needs to stand alone without context or explanation.
  • Everyone can contribute. It doesn’t always have to come from the company account

When you launch your hashtag be sure to direct it to @roundpeg so we can see what you are up to.
And if you are looking for more social media tips check out our Social Media Starter Kit. 

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