“Build Your Castle”

episode #673 – JANUARY 9, 2022

HOST: Lorraine Ball

Before you can share your company vision, you need to get clear for yourself.

the episode

I am a fan of Walt Disney, not just his movies, but his vision and creativity as an entrepreneur.  He understood the importance of a clear company vision expressed passionately through stories and ideas, not cold facts and numbers.

When Disney started construction on Disneyland he worked closely with the construction crews mapping out every detail of the park. He envisioned a magical place and wanted everyone who came to the park to feel the magic from their very first step so he insisted they build Sleeping Beauty’s castle first.

The castle was located in the center of the park so it was impractical and expensive to start with the castle but Disney insisted. Why? The castle was  the center of the idea, representing all the magic of the park. He believed once it was built others would see the park the way he did and he was right.

So how do you communicate your vision if you don’t have something as specific as a castle in the center of your business?

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Define your company vision and Build your castle first

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