“Time to Create Your Content Calendar”

episode #440 January 17, 2020

GUEST: Sam Von Tobel | Roundpeg

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the episode

Great content does not happen by accident. The more planning you do up front, the better your results will be. In this episode, Lorraine sat down to chat with Sam Von Tobel for a timely conversation about content planning including creating your calendar, a new tool, Sharekit.io to improve the look of scheduled content, setting goals and measuring the results. 

As you start your planning, think about the rhythm of the year.  Do you have a seasonal business?  If so you may want to plan content themes to match the seasons or the products that are more popular in those seasons.  Maybe you are going to run an anniversary promotion a calendar will help you anticipate all the assets (images, social share graphics, custom blog posts) you will need to make a large impact. 

This conversation was sponsored by Sharekit.io.  More drink recipes can be found here. All reviews and opinions expressed in this episode are based on our assessment of the tool. 

KEY TAKEAWAY- Make your calendar meaningful by outlining specific objectives for each of your actions.  Then evaluate how effective your actions were and make changes rolling into the next month. 

our guest

Although not technically born in Indiana (Michigan) Sam bleeds cream and crimson. With a degree in Sports Communication from Indiana University, it’s no surprise his favorite basketball teams are the Hoosiers, Colts, Pacers and really any Indiana team that isn’t Purdue.

His official duties as the Digital Content Manager at Roundpeg include developing strategies, writing content and executing marketing programs to help clients meet their goals. 

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