Conversation with a Lifelong Networker

episode #288 – October 30, 2017

GUEST: Albert Kaufman | Albertideation

Albert Kaufman considers himself a lifelong networker. In this conversation, he shares his opinions and tips for making the most of your networking activities.  

our guest

Hi, I’m Albert Kaufman, activist, networker, musician, GreenDemocrat, and resident of Portland, Oregon.

Currently I’m running my ideation company and combining forces with others to work on some of the ideas I am interested in spreading and to provide sustainable solutions to the challenges that face our world.  Whether it’s through depaving or creating an orchard in every neighborhood, my hope is that we’ll continue to get better at reducing, reusing and recycling to the point where we no longer rely on sources of energy beyond our local area.

I look forward to connecting with others who share some of my dream and who would like to combine forces to build a team to move these and other ideas forward.  Join me!

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