“Simple Stress Relief”

episode #548 –  Dec. 31, 2020

GUEST: Craig Inzana| Inzana Media

As a business owner you will be more successful by handling the stress, anxiety, and isolation that come along with the territory.

the episode

This week we explore…

Handling the mental health challenges (mostly stress, anxiety, and isolation) that come along with being a business owner. It’s essential to separate your emotional state from the results, which brings you more peace of mind and ironically better results.

our guest Craig Inzana

Craig Inzana is a mental wellness advocate, media creator, and mindfulness practitioner. He is a recovering addict obsessed with self-development. wellbeing, and self-compassion.

Craig owns a marketing agency that focuses on marketing and selling through relationships. He was previously a commission painter, a profitable filmmaker, and generally a multi-disciplinary artist.

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