“Customers for Life”

episode #237 –  January 26, 2015

the episode

What if you never had to find another new client ever again? Sound too good to be true? It doesn’t have to be if you put in the work up front to understand how valuable loyal, returning customers can be for your business.

In this episode, Lorraine and Jarred Juett talk about how developing a Customer for Life strategy can help you get pretty close to reaching this goal. When you cultivate relationships, you’ll discover you don’t need as many new clients as you think. The trick is to take care of your existing customers  so they bring their friends, helping to build your list of clients.

  • Remarketing to customers is profitable. Start by figuring out how valuable a multi-purchase relationship is versus how much you spend attracting new customers.
  • Offer incentive for referrals. Customers who trust you will recommend you to their friends- a gentle nudge in the right direction can get the ball rolling.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback on the customer experience. You’ll build trust with customers by showing a willingness to improve.

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