“Content Calendar”

episode #591 –  May 6, 2021

GUEST: David Perez | Audience Coach

Content marketing is all about listening. 

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When it comes to content marketing, the process is key.  Without structure, you are always chasing the program instead of driving it.

The most basic content marketing tool is a content calendar.  The document allows you to plan ahead, and track your progress, building more effective content over time. 

There are software tools that will help you manage content, but sometimes a simple spreadsheet is all you need. 

our guest david perez

David Perez is a podcast producer who helps health and wellness coaches build their audiences, grow their online presence and find their voice through podcasts. He’s also the podcast host for Audience Coach, a show focused on helping coaches start and run their own podcast shows.

David has accompanied podcasters through the production and release of over a thousand podcast episodes.

David has worked with recognized podcasters such as Liz Moody, Rachel Mansfield, Jill and Josh Stanton, Julie Foucher and Daniel Urcuyo, among others in the process of spreading their messages of transformation and positivity through podcasting.

David has been featured in publications such as the Life Coach Magazine, and he’s also been a guest in podcasts like Create Your CourseOnline Business Launchpad and Tactical Magic.

Besides being a podcast producer, David also helps coaches devise, develop and execute podcast content strategies for their clients and creates courses around starting and running podcasts.


David currently lives in Colombia, in a city where summer lasts all year round. He’s the dad of two kids and considers himself a lifelong learner.


David has the purpose of helping the Health and Wellness industry expand its messages of growth and positive transformation.


David Perez Why you need a content calendar

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