More than a Few Words – Episode: 413

#413 Perfect Promotional Items

October 4, 2019

This week, our guest Dean Kapsalis shares his simple three step process for selecting the right promotional item, every time.


Lorraine Ball


About Dean Kapsalis

Dean at press

Fuel Merchandise Group founder, Dean Kapsalis, has been in the marketing industry for 20 plus years. A Hoosier native and IU alum, Dean’s passion for education and athletics led to a valuable college experience as a 4 year student-athlete. Lessons learned in the classroom and on the field provided the foundation for an accomplished business career. The values of building great team relationships, performing at a high standard of excellence and working with others to reach a common goal, are the same values Dean brings to every facet of FMG.

Today, Dean’s passion is focused on leading FMG’s journey to empowering employees, delivering value to its customers and making a positive impact in the community.  To Dean, Fuel is more than a business that just makes branded products. Fuel is a vehicle to help customers bring success to their missions and inspire brands to become their best. 

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