Time to Stop Selling

Yes, you read that right.  It is time to stop selling, promoting and clinging to outdated digital marketing strategies and tactics. You can not shout your way to success on social media.

Master the Digital Conversation

Instead you need to create content that sparks engagement, conversation and inspiration from your audience. Not only will the real people you hope to connect with appreciate the improved content, the social media algorithms will reward you as well as each of the major platforms pays more attention to who is commenting and sharing your content.

And you can’t do that with content generated completely by A.I. While helpful to start a post, title or social media updates, the articles written by A.I. tend to be generic, a little boring and won’t really answer the questions your customers have.

So how do you get around that? Well the best way to use AI on the front end is to ask it a question. Then you overlay your own content on top of the generic outline. Or use AI on the back end, uploading a blog post, or the transcript from a podcast and ask AI to transform your content into a series of social media updates, create a summary, rewrite headlines or create teasers.​

a few of my favorite conversations about creating engaging content

Without the help of A.I.


#919 Taming the Content Beast with Geoff Klein

A key element of compelling content is understanding and catering to the audience. He introduces the concept of the “eleventh commandment”: knowing your audience. Instead of making content solely about oneself or the business, it should be geared towards the audience’s needs, interests, and pain points

#888 The Future of Content Marketing with Erik Deckers

Content marketing has be around a lot longer than most of us imagine. While it has evolved, it is still about providing relevant information to prospective customers, and that core element probably won’t change.

#955 Customer Focused Content

Long before I worked on my first website, I was writing content for brochures and direct mail campaigns. Many of the lessons I learned about good copywriting then are absolutely transferable to the digital age.