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Host: Lorraine Ball

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So you want to become the expert in your field. and you are writing blogs, crafting seminar slides, recording podcasts.  You’re doing it all. But let’s be real, constantly coming up with fresh angles on the same topic can be draining. And in the fast-paced world of online content, what’s hot today might be forgotten tomorrow. Or, your best piece of content was released at the wrong time, so very few people saw it.

The trick for every professional, trying to build a reputation as a subject matter expert is how do you make the most of your best work without boring your audience to tears?  I will let you in on a secret, it isn’t about creating more and more content.  It is  about repurposing your content smartly. Instead of reinventing the wheel, give your existing stuff a new lease on life.  Then, instead of killing yourself to create a mountain of new content, use some of my favorite repurposing tips  to fill your feed. Then you will have more time to create fewer, better pieces of content. Check out these tried-and-tested tactics:

  1. Roundup Posts: Imagine rounding up all your related posts, images, and podcasts into one neat package. It’s like a highlight reel for your audience, giving them a chance to catch up on what they might’ve missed. Just remember to sprinkle in some fresh descriptions to keep things interesting.
  2. Email Wrap-Ups: Your email list is gold. Keep your subscribers in the loop by sending them the cream of the crop content directly to their inboxes. It’s a win-win—they stay engaged, and you get to showcase your expertise.
  3. Content Resharing: Sometimes a piece of content doesn’t hit the mark the first time around. No biggie. Give it another shot with a fresh twist. Timing is everything, so don’t be afraid to test different schedules and keywords.
  4. Content Calendar: Keep track of your content with a simple calendar. When you’re running low on ideas, revisit and update your old posts. A little refresh can go a long way.
  5. Refresh Existing Content: Maybe you have a great piece of content that once got lots of attention from visitors and search engines, but recently has been ignored. Spend time updating your existing content to breath new life into the piece. Start with your keyword, enhance the content by incorporating into the conversation. Expand on the ideas presented. (Hint this is a great place to turn to Chat GPT for an idea or two) Add a new image, link to other relevant content and create a new social share. 
  6. Compilation or White Papers: Show off your expertise by pulling together your top-performing posts into a polished document. It’s like a greatest hits album for your content. Share it with your audience and watch your authority soar.
  7. Exploring New Media: Mix things up by trying out different formats. Turn your blog post into a podcast or video to reach a new audience. And don’t forget to include a transcript for those who prefer to read.

With these tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be getting the most out of your content without breaking a sweat. Remember, it’s all about working smarter, not harder

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