“Work From Anywhere”

episode #516 – SEPTEMBER 10, 2020

GUEST: Doug Miller |  Brightworks  

With the right technology, you can work safely from anywhere. 

the episode

2020 has been an interesting year.  It has created lots of challenges for business owners, especially as they adjust to managing their team as they leave the office to work at home.  

In some cases the home environment doesn’t have the capability to support the kind of work people need to do.  In other cases, as people move out from behind the corporate firewall, they don’t have the same security protections they do in the office.  

With cloud based systems, companies Doug Miller and his team at Brightworks are able to create an environment where our customers can work safely and securely from anywhere.

our guest

​Mr. Miller has extensive information technology operations experience in manufacturing, financial services, and health care, as well as a deep consulting background in many more industries. He is adept in roles requiring diverse skill sets that allow him to function effectively in deeply technical roles while also serving as a project manager, a business process consultant, and a leader of technical teams. 

Much of Doug’s experience has been in startup companies where he was required to provide hands-on engineering support one moment, and then shift into leadership or pre-sales role the next. He eventually moved into a senior technical leadership position in a large public hospital, where he was responsible for leading the Tier IV engineering function in a 24/7/365 IT environment.

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