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Host: Lorraine Ball

Social Media is Driven by Ego

Episode #858 June 4, 2023

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The truth is, social media is all about ego. No matter how many followers and fans you have, it’s always fun to see a new follower, a retweet, or reply, like, love or share. All of those things signal to us that we’ve been accepted and esteemed by the community. And that feeling of acceptance is really one of the most basic human needs.

When you are using social media for business. Your objective is to make other people feel that way. If you spend the majority of your time on social media, liking and commenting and interacting with others, making them feel valuable and important, there is a great chance that they will return the favor.  They will be more likely to like, share and interact with you  both personally, and with your brand.

So your assignment for today is to get out on social media and be active and friendly. Don’t just like a post; share, comment and interact. Maybe share a comment on one of my social media posts.

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