It is a hard thing to accept, but no matter how cool your product is, there are people out there who don’t want it. On the bright side, studies show that if you can hone in on the audience that is interested in your business and craft your messages to resonate with them, they are much more likely to engage with your brand. In this episode, Jarred and Lorraine tackle the topic of targeted messaging. You’ll learn about defining a demographic and target audience, crafting different types of messaging for the groups you want to reach, and the types of interactions and successes you should be looking out for. Your brand is not for everyone- do your loyal customers a favor and make the connection. Highlights:

  • Studies show recipients of targeted messages are up to 300% more likely to interact than those who receive general product messages
  • You don’t need in-depth demographic analysis to come up with what your best customer looks like. Your messaging should be tailored to reach them
  • Use email marketing to your advantage by creating target lists that get very specific messages, different from your general newsletters

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