I know it isn’t deliberate, but your website is turning customers away. There are many reason people might hate your website, and it takes effort to step back and look at the problem from a bird’s eye view. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to fix what’s turning people away, and we’re here to bring them to light.

In this episode, Jarred and Lorraine discuss all of the elements you need to take into consideration when reevaluating your business website. Most problems occur in 4 distinct categories: design, content, searchability and ease of interaction. Your hosts for this podcast go over all the quick wins you can achieve with simple changes today to improve your website.

  • You need to redesign the look of your site at least every 2 years. Your customers are expecting it!
  • Don’t show off with fancy jargon in your blog or products section. Speak in plain English and relate to consumers.
  • Keyword stuffing is dead and it looks lazy. Focus on your areas of expertise and write useful, shareable information regularly.
  • Give visitors something to do. A clear, friendly call to action will increase interaction with your website.

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No one designs a website to turn off customers and prospects, but all too often, that is the end result. As we review websites, we see the same mistakes over and over again.  The mistakes typically fall into one of the following categories: design, content, conversion or search.  In this short ebook, we review in greater detail the issues discussed in today’s podcast.

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