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Mark Zuckerberg Apologies

#315 What's Next For Facebook

Facebook Business, What’s Next?
From selling advertising to Russian “bot” accounts to allowing access to the personal data of more than 87 million people Facebook has made quite a few missteps lately.
These mistakes haven’t gone unnoticed by customers, investors, regulators, or advertisers, creating a very high-pressure situation for Facebook. While they have apologized in the past, those apologies ring a little hollow right now. Everyone is looking for Facebook to step up and do more.
So how will the Facebook Business model change? And more importantly, what will that mean for small business owners who rely on the platform to connect with their customers and prospects.
We have already seen some tightening of verification procedures and promises to make it easier for users to opt out of campaigns, but for now, the changes don’t look like they will trickle down to the average small business owner.  So our advice is to primarily keep using the platform while you build and strengthen your other communities.
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