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Matt Nettleton

Meet Matt Nettleton

Matt is my sales coach. I loved his direct, no nonsense, slightly sarcastic approach to sales.  He taught me how to ask the right questions, listen to the answers, and lead prospective customers to their own conclusions about working with me.  He also taught me how to ask for the sale and charge what my services were really worth.  

Over the years, we have spoken hundreds of times.  Fortunately, some of my favorite conversations occurred while the microphone was turned on. These conversations with Matt are some of the most popular of all time on MTFW.    

If you have missed our chats about Ideal Clients, How to Uncover Pain, What if Your Marketing Works, Selling to the Tech Community, or How to Have a Life and How to Have Fun Storming the Castle, you can listen now.  

what we talked about

#1 Your Ideal Client

Discover the difference between your average customer and your ideal customer.

#9 Start with Pain

Diagnosing a prospects pain is the first step in the sales process. 

#284 What if Your Marketing Works?

You need to be prepared when a lead becomes a customer. 


#365 High Tech Sales

How to sell innovative products customers don’t even know they need.


#379 Get a Life

Get more free time by working smarter, not harder


#448 Have Fun Storming the Castle

Questioning is a discipline, listening is an art. 


about Matt Nettleton

Sales Professional Matt Nettleton, founder of Sandler Training, DTB has done and seen it all—from both the trenches and from the boardroom. He understands salespeople and knows how to help them become the best they can be. He helps elevate the profession—and the professional salesperson’s view of himself.

An accident shaped Matt’s story: a football injury led to a summer spent selling vacuum cleaners door to door for Kirby. Two things happened that summer Matt won the Liberty Division Scholarship for best sales in 3 states and Matt discovered that he loved selling.

Transferring his discipline learned on the football field into the sales world let Matt succeed in a series of top sales positions with one of the largest consumer products companies in the world, Coca Cola.

Later Matt sold in the brutally competitive world of residential real estate. In 1999, Matt became a client of Sandler Training, he says it “just clicked” for him. The purposeful approach of Sandler appeals to Matt’s pragmatism and provided a process to lead others to sales success without relying on “Positive Mental Attitude” or “Rah Rah BS Inspiration.

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Matt is also one of the contributing authors in  More than a Few Written Words  – a Collection of Essays by some of my favorite guests.

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