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Randy Clark

Meet Randy Clark

I met Randy through social media about fifteen years ago.  That was back when social media was actually social and fun. The Indy social community moved seamlessly from the real world to Twitter and back again.  Randy and I had conversations which started online, moved offline and back again.  

Passionate about leadership and networking, Randy always had some valuable to share. If you have missed our chats you can listen now.  

what we talked about

#436 Maybe it is Your Fault

When your employees get things wrong it may not be their fault.

#429 You Can't Talk Shit Done

You need a plan of action to support your words.

#309 Managers and Leaders

Charisma alone doesn’t equate to quality leadership skill.


#75 Bridging the Online/Offline Divide

Build real relationships by blending online and offline connections. 


about Randy Clark

Randy Clark is an Amazon best selling author (management and business skills) who is passionate about management training. He works with businesses to create and facilitate leadership development.

Although he continues to work with TKO Graphix as a consultant, Randy left his full-time position as Director of Communications for TKO to pursue his passion, leadership development based on a philosophy of service leadership. 

He is the author of several books on management and leadership including:

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