Google Wants You To Do Better

Last fall Google announced  they are going to put even more emphasis on the quality of content on your website, penalizing penalize people with low quality, irrelevant and duplicate content.  Are they doing this just to improve search? Of course not.  They know that they will sell more ads if people find high quality information in search results. They have their motives and sometimes they line up with yours .When they do, Google can be a great tool for your business. 

Here are two terrific conversations about leveraging Google to grow you business.  

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#811 Give Google information About Your Business - Stormy Night

Your Google My Business Profile helps fill in some of the blanks that makes it easy for Google to present your company when people are looking for a business like yours.

#771 Use Google Trends to Find New Markets - Krystal Covington

With Google Trends you can apply geotargeting strategies to communities outside your local market

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