let’s get ready to record!

This page should provide you with everything you need to know to help make our conversation a successful one. Welcome aboard!

about the show

Now in my 15th year, More than a Few Words is a marketing conversation for business owners. The audience turns to me for information and inspiration in little bites so each episode is only about 10 minutes long.

To get a feel for the show, listen to a few episodes. What you will hear are brief, lively, interactive, and personal conversations that deliver real actionable ideas positioning you as an expert.

The most successful episodes focus on a narrow niche topic and include 3 – 5 specific action items. As you prepare for the show think about a few questions you would like me to ask to keep the conversation going.

If you get stuck or you say something you regret we can edit it out in post production. Simply pause and then pick up where you want to continue.

tech stuff

For the interview we use zencastr.com to record the interview. We’ll send you a link and add it to the calendar invitation prior to your interview. It is straightforward to sign in and no special download is required. It does, however, run best on Google Chrome.

Please find a relatively quiet room where you won’t be disturbed. Hard surfaces tend to echo, so toss a blanket or cloth on your desk to improve the sound quality. Try to avoid too much moving, playing with pens, tapping on the keyboard and so on. All those noises get picked up by the microphone and can be distracting to the listener.

Microphone ‑ normally your laptop microphone is fine from a quality point of view. But if you want true podcast quality, then a microphone is your best friend. If you’re planning on doing more podcast interviews then I’d highly recommend the investment. This is my favorite – https://www.bluedesigns.com/products/yeti/

I record both audio  and video. I create multiple short video segments for promotional teasers as well as a full length episode I share on my YouTube channel.  With that is mind, it is helpful if you have an uncluttered background and good lighting for the episode.

Voices tend to be bit ‘flat’ when recorded so try and be an animated as you can.  It may sound silly but forcing yourself to smile while you speak actually helps to make your voice sound engaged and interesting.

If the connection drops for any reason you can just go back to the same zencastr.com  URL and we’ll keep on going. We will edit out any glitches in post-production.

At the end of the show, your locally saved file will upload to the server. DO NOT close your browser until the software says you can. It should only take about 30 seconds.


help us promote your interview

Your episode will be published on all major podcast outlets, featured in a blog post on this site, included in our weekly newsletter and promoted through all our social media channels.

We will send you social share graphics and links so you can share the episode on your social channels. Be sure to use the hashtag #MTFW where it makes sense, and leave a review on iTunes. (or wherever you listen to podcasts).  The reviews help raise our visibility in the podcast directory and introduce the show to a wider audience.  

Looking forward to chatting with you!