Happy Birthday! Gmail turned 10 years old on April 1st. For the past decade, Google’s favorite pet project and free communication platform has out maneuvered the competition.
Gmail has also proven its quality and resilience, having implemented only minor iterations to its user interface during its lifespan. Will this be enough to stay relevant for the next 10 years?
Lorraine and Jarred explore how Gmail is a solution to the communication needs of small businesses at all levels of development. As Microsoft adapts its series of products, will this paradigm remain true? Or will the latest and greatest cloud communication technology be the right fit your your company?

  • Gmail is a great solution for small business owners who need to manage multiple addresses.
  • Gmail provides mobile accessibility for business owners on the run
  • Microsoft’s SkyDrive and multi-device software might start edging out Gmail for ease of use
  • Gmail has a robust inbox search function that makes finding archived emails a breeze