“Mindset, Strategy and Action”

episode #441 – January 21, 2020

GUEST: Henriette Danel | Henriettedanel.com

In business, there are no mistakes, just learning opportunities .

the episode

If you want to attract more clients and grow your business you need to focus on three key elements: mindset, strategy and action. One can’t work without the other. All three in place to be successful.

  • Mindset is the framework with which you approach the rest of your business. 
  • Strategy is a well defined approach to achieve different milestones in your business
  • Action is the commitment to “do something”.  Too often, business owners want a perfect strategy before they begin, but life and business isn’t perfect.  

KEY TAKEAWAY: There is no manual for entrepreneurship.  It is a journey that is as unique as each business ower. 

our guest henriette danel

Henriette Danel is a strategic business coach focused on helping service-based business owners attract more clients and grow.

In her own words:

Born in South Africa, I always knew I’d be a Successful Entrepreneur.  She has a unique ability is to take complicated strategies, dissect them and put it together in such a way, that’s easier to understand & implement.  And because of this, her clients receive easy to follow guidance on what they need to do, to attract high paying clients continuously

Her motto: “Nothing will happen, unless YOU make it Happen!” 

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