About Lorraine Ball

Lorraine Ball

Entrepreneur, author, professional speaker, and host of More than a Few Words, Lorraine brings creative ideas, practical tips, and decades of real-world experience to every conversation.

Leaning on her experience as a business owner and former corporate executive, she delivers solid, usable content in a style that will motivate your audience to action.

powerful, engaging ideas delivered with impact

Lorraine’s messages on digital and traditional marketing, management, and creativity stem from her experience guiding teams and individuals to achieve exceptional results in a changing environment. Here are some of her most popular topics.

From Random Stranger to Raving Fans

How to move prospects through your sales cyle with compelling blog posts, effective landing pages, and intriguing automated email campaigns.

Through the Eyes of a Child

Infuse your problem solving process with a bit of childlike wonder to bring creative solutions to every challenge.


Business Map

You wouldn’t set out on a long road trip without a map, you shouldn’t try to navigate your business journey without one either. 

Other People’s Content

If you want to grow your business it helps to have a little bit of “other people’s money.” If you want to grow your online presence, you need a little bit of “other people’s content.”

“Lorraine can talk marketing theory with the best of them. But she stands apart by her ability to put the theory into down and dirty practice, yielding concrete, tangible results.”


Matt Michele

President, The Service Roundtable.

“Lorraine is a savvy, focused ball of fire with an ability to help any group succeed.”


Tony Scelzo

Founder, Rainmakers Marketing Group.

In a world full of self-proclaimed marketing experts, I respect Lorraine Ball, who stands out for her knowledge, enthusiasm, and practical business wisdom.”


Des Walsh

Digital Entrepreneur, Author and Business Coach
Lorraine is creative whiz. While some people talk about thinking outside the box, Lorraine is reinventing the box.


Drew Camron

President at HVAC Sellutions.

Lorraine Ball as a guest

In addition to hosting More Than a Few Words, Lorraine is often invited to share her expertise on other podcasts.  Here’s just a few recent interviews.

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