“Facebook is For Humans”

episode #650 -October 24 2021

HOST: Lorraine Ball | Digital Toolbox

Humanize Facebook! Stop treating it like just another advertising platform, it is a social community

the episode

Are you frustrated by the lack of engagement and results from your Facebook pages? Maybe it is because you are treating Facebook like any other advertising platform, and not a social network.

People come to Facebook to check in with friends, share a joke, trade a recipe or get a daily dose of inspiration. Contractors who invade the news feed with ads promoting coupons for clean and checks or air filters seem out of place in their news feed.

So how do you get people to pay attention to you? On social media you need to share content that is personal, funny, or inspiring. If you focus too much of your content on posts designed to sell, sell, sell readers are likely to ignore, ignore, ignore!

Give People a Look Inside

Share photos and short videos of life at your office. For example, I worked with a sheet metal fabrication company who mixed photos of their employees playing paintball and a wedding photo of the company owner along with images of their manufacturing floor.

Introduce new employees. When they share the post to their timeline, your company will be introduced to their friends and family as well.

Share Your History

If your company has been around a while, dig through your archives. Old advertisements and photos of team members when they were younger make terrific content to share on Facebook. Annual anniversary posts give your community a chance to celebrate with you.

Laugh a Little

You have a sense of humor; you don’t have to leave it a home. Bring a little humor to your Facebook page.

It is not all fun and games.

If you engage your community, you will earn the right to share a bit of promotional content as well. Just be a good host. Entertain the guests so they want to talk with you. They will look at your coupons if they have come to care your business

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Humanize Facebook

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