Why you need inbound marketing

People don’t become customers overnight. Typically they start out as random visitors to your website, or someone you bump into at a networking event. Transforming that casual contact into a customer for life is a multistage process that begins as a prospect gradually learns about what you do, how you operate as a company, and eventually hires you.

Inbound marketing pulls together digital marketing tools such as your website, social media, and email programs to help transform a random stranger into a raving fan. And it all starts with an offer the prospect can’t refuse.  We’ve pulled together some of our favorite conversations about inbound marketing. 

a few of our favorite conversations

Sam von Tobel

#352 Why Inbound Marketing

Customers can smell advertising a mile away, but inbound marketing drives potential clients looking for information to your website

Loraine Ball Talking about Inbound Marketing

#607 What Can You Offer?

Your campaign stars with an offer. Get a few quick suggestions from this one minute episode

diane a

#559 The Irresistible Offer

To create an irresistible offer you have to really know your prospect.

Sam von Tobel

#256 Sell While You Sleep

Use marketing automation to follow up with prospective customers, with the right information at the right time.

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Over the last decade, we’ve experimented with lots of formats including 30-minute live episodes, complete with a call-in number and a real-time Twitter feed. There were half-baked marketing ideas, conversations with marketing celebrities, lots of laughs, and good information along the way.

Today, the ten-minute conversations are heard by business owners around the world looking for practical tips and a little bit of marketing inspiration.


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