Influencer Marketing 

episode #822 –  March 2, 2023

GUEST: Madison Masterson

Almost anyone can be an influencer, so look past the celebrities to people who inflence your audience. 

the episode

Influencers, people who have a following comprised of people who pay attention to who they are and what they do can help you deliver your message.   In this episode, Madison Masterson explains how those people can impact your marketing, even if you have a small business. You may not be able to afford a celebrity for your brand, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find someone who has influence with your audience to tell your story. 

our guest Madison Masterson

At the age of twenty five, Madison Masterson has created Mad Marketing from the ground up. She was told by doctors from a young age that she would not be able to attend college due to health problems where she experienced upwards of 15 seizures a day. Madison proved them wrong. She graduated top 25 and obtained a master’s degree with a perfect 4.0 at the University of South Florida, all while running a successful marketing business. That business is Mad Marketing