“Influencer Marketing”

episode #354 – November 16, 2018

GUEST: Shane Barker | Influencer Marketing

“Successful Influencer Marketing Starts with a Win – Win

the episode

Many people think that influencer marketing is about paying someone to endorse your product.  While that can work, Shane Barker says there is much more to a successful influencer relationship. 

It needs to be a collaboration, which each party involved brings something of value to the table and is in it for the long term.

KEY TAKEAWAY: When you hire an influencer, you are tied to that person, good and bad. 

our guest

Shane Barker is an accomplished digital marketing consultant. From working with celebrities on digital reputation management to obtaining a #1 national ranking with PROskore as a social media consultant, Shane has built an impressive list of accomplishments in digital marketing.

As a regular contributor to publications like Salesforce, Yahoo Small Business, Marketing Profs and others, he continues to grow and share his knowledge.

Shane is an active member of Sacramento startup culture, donating time and resources to help young companies build a optimize their business from napkin sketch to revenue. He is a regular at hackathons and startup events, mentoring and guiding other entrepreneurs.

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