“Introduction to Enneagrams”

episode #588-  April 29, 2021

GUEST: Megan Wendholt | Roundpeg

To communicate effectively with others you need to understand yourself. 

the episode

As a business owner, your relationship with your employees and customers is core to being effective in your role.  Those relationships actually start  with  understanding who you are as a person. That’s why tools like Myers Briggs and DISC Profiles are so helpful.

But there are other tools, and in this episode we dive into Enneagram types with Megan Wendholt. These types are based on a personality test where you are asked a series of thought provoking, situational questions. Your results are a number one through nine each connected to a different Enneagram profile.

Want to learn more?  Check out the Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales, (WEPSS) to take the assessment for free or read The Road Back to You.

our guest megan wendholt

Megan Wendholt is the new chief of staff at Roundpeg.  In that role she’s in charge of all things HR from hiring and recruiting to onboarding and office management. Her job also puts her in a position to be a driving force behind team wellness the part of her job she loves the most.

The time she spends every day meeting with the team, checking in on their physical and mental wellness, looking at team culture, and figuring out how she can help make life easier on the team gives her the much-appreciated chance to bond with the team.

Megan Wendholt explains enneagram personality types

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