“Teach Your Way to Success”

episode #600 – June 1, 2021

GUEST: Jeannie Sullivan | Learning Strategist + Instructional Designer

Even if you never thought of yourself as a teacher, developing a course can give  your business a boost.

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Even if you’ve never thought of yourself as a teacher it is time to look strategically how a course might support your business. Start with the opportunity that is right right in front of you, people who would love to work with you and hire you but aren’t quite ready. Maybe they can’ afford your services, or they are still in exploration mode. A course can fill the gap.

Our guest Jeannie Sullivan advises if you want to be a wonderful teacher, you need to stop sharing so much information. When people are learning something for the very first time, they need simple actionable steps, They need to experience success  quickly. Skip the background and deep dive.  Put yourself in the beginner’s mind of a learner to recognize that they really only need a small percent of the information that you have available in order to start making real changes.

our guest jeannie sullivan

In her own words …

Officially, I’m a coach and course designer. Though many of my clients simply refer to me as the “idea fairy.” Give me a whiteboard and your big dream, and I’ll give you a plan to make it come true. You see, making what seems impossible possible is not just what I do, it’s who I am.

But my career didn’t start out with “fairy” in the title. Right after graduate school, I fell in love with the field of instructional design. Working with Fortune 500 companies, I had the chance to solve problems, launch big ideas, and inspire adults to take action all under the guise of building training programs. A few years later, I became a professional certified coach.

Since saying goodbye to corporate America in 2010, I’ve coached 200+ professionals on things like becoming better leaders, leaving their corporate jobs for solo-preneurship, and designing profitable learning-based revenue streams. I’ve also created training programs for many Fortune 100 companies on topics like Customer Service, Sales Performance, and Women in Leadership.

While I do truly enjoy my projects and clients, sometimes it’s nice to step away. When I take a break, you can find me paddle boarding on Lake Murray, walking through the woods with my Labradoodle (Poe), or just hanging out with my two grown sons, (Sully and Rollins).

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