“Visual Communications”

episode #492 – JUNE 19, 2020

GUEST: Jennifer Riley Simone | Fresh Figs Marketing

Every image you choose has to support the message you want customers to receive

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There are three simple strategies to follow to insure your images send the right message

Cohesion – There are many ways to make images cohesive.  For example you can use consistent coloring or style of photography or the kind of images you choose.  The objective is when the images are side by side on a page they fit together well. Cohesion begins with creating a branding guide

Use a Professional – If you are serious about your business image, don’t leave it to an intern. Turn to a professional graphic designer.  They are experts at creating visual messaging and that is what you’re creating with all of your imagery and graphics. Then once you have a template or a particular look at a graphic designer has created you can turn to your team to replicate that look across your brand.

Making a Connection.  The whole point of your visual communication is to speak to your target market. So is what you are creating, connecting with the people that you would like to reach out to does it draw them into your brand story? Does it make sense to them? Can they see themselves in it.

our guest – jennifer riley simone

Jennifer Riley Simone is the president and founder of Fresh Figs Marketing, a digital marketing agency that specializes in website and logo development, print ad and marketing collateral design, social media campaigns, blogging, event planning and PR.

After a circuitous career that took her around the country and serving many diverse roles, Jennifer started Fresh Figs Marketing in 2013. As an outside CMO, her richly varied industry background allows her to offer her clients a well-rounded perspective.

She specializes in small businesses, partnering directly with the owners to develop marketing strategies that achieve business goals

She is also a member of the faculty at the IU Kelly School of Business at  Bloomington. 

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