“Build an Audience of Raving Fans”

episode #484 – MAY 22, 2020

GUEST: Josh Tapp | Tribe of Titans 

Raving fans will buy from you, no matter what!

the episode

Want to grow your business from zero to 1000 fans?  Start by asking people what they want from you. Sounds simple, right? But that’s exactly what my guest Josh Tapp, The Lucky Titan,  said he did to grow his business.

In this episode we talk with Josh about building an audience of raving fans.  These are the customers who are so passionate about you, they will pay you, no matter what your offer. They’re willing to come to you with their wallets wide open and say, “give me whatever you have because I know you care about me.”

KEY TAKEAWAY: Cultivate loyal fans by asking them what they want and then finding a way to provide just that. 

our guest josh tapp

As a serial entrepreneur, Josh has dedicated his life to helping busy Entrepreneurs find the tools and connect with the right people to help them exponentially grow their influence without having to learn new skills at every turn.

Host of The Lucky Entrepreneur podcast he helps entrepreneurs find these tools and connect them with the right people to answer the questions that nobody will answer for them.

Want to learn more?  Be sure to check out his 30 day challenge. 

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