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episode #598 May 27, 2021

GUEST: Juliet Clark |  Superbrand Publishing

What if you could identify qualified prospects in just 180 seconds?

the episode

What if you could determine who in your audience is your best client in just 180 seconds?  With a well designed quiz your prospects will actually self-select, telling you with their answers if the are good, great or mediocre prospect.

It starts with asking people to self-assess where they’re at on a scale of one to 10 in relationship to the results you can help them achieve.  Keep the quiz short and sweet, and deliver useful information based on their answers

Finally use the quiz to gauge their commitment to talking action to achieve those results.


our guest juliet clark

Juliet Clark is a six- time author, speaker and podcaster who has spent the last twenty years helping authors, coaches, speakers, and small businesses all over the world build expert audiences.

Corporate companies and author/ speaker incubators world- wide have benefited from Juliet’s unique and effective process of mastering lead generation and qualification for expert status.

Juliet’s platform- building process assesses audience obstacles, generates leads, and qualifies leads. This simple technology can be used on social media, from the stage, and at virtual workshops/ summits to build email lists and create conversations that build long- term relationships with potential clients.

Her latest book, Pitchslapped, was released last  Summer.