Prospects move slowly through your sales funnel. The first group- the “Just Browsing” leads- are the least qualified of your potential customers, but you have to start somewhere. By understanding how leads first enter your sales process, you can better plan your strategy for moving them all the way to a sale.

In this episode, Jarred and Lorraine introduce you to the leads at the top of your sales funnel. These leads come in to your website from a wide variety of sources and give you very little information to work with. Your hosts walk you through converting your ‘Just Browsing’ leads into full-fledged contacts to whom you can send marketing materials.

  • You don’t have any detailed information on these leads, but knowing where they come from and what content they interact with is still valuable.
  • Present these leads with big, bold offers on your homepage or specific landing pages to start gathering useful information you can use to reach out to them.
  • It is very likely you’ll only get real contact information from a small percentage of these leads, so don’t be discouraged. Work to optimize your website to raise this percentage.

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