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Guest: Jarred Juett

Creating content for people with short attention spans

Episode #225 Nov. 17, 2014

the episode

People just don’t have the same attention span they used to. You need to get to the point quickly if you want to hold their attention. This week we talk about ways to keep visitors with short attention spans interested and engaged.

In this episode, Lorraine and Jarred Juett discuss ways to adapt to the ever-shrinking attention span of internet audiences. You’ll learn how to implement writing techniques like lists and engaging headings to capture your audience at a glance and get them to continue reading. They also describe ways to make your content visually appealing to bring readers in.

  • Create content at a glance. Use visual cues to grab your readers and keep them hooked.
  • The title may be all you have to catch someone’s attention so make it count.
  • People like lists. They hope you can solve all their issues in just five easy steps.
  • Guide the reader with headers and subheads.

our guest Kris Ward

Kris Ward is an author, podcaster coach, and speaker. She is a team building and system strategist and a leading authority in building your business by building your team. She is the founder of Win the Hour, Win the Day day philosophy and she helps entrepreneurs create their WIN team.

Learn more at:  Winthehourwintheday.com