“Win the Hour, Win the Day”

episode #614 –  July 6, 2021

GUEST: Kris Ward | Win the Hour, Win the Day 

Your WIN Team should be focused on What is Next!

the episode

More than a few words is a marketing conversation for business owners.  Each week, host Lorraine Balls spends a few minutes chatting with guests about things every business owner should know.

This week, Kris Ward, author of Win the Hour, Win the Day shares tips on how to shift how you spend your time. Her formula is 60% creation and only 40% administration., because it is the time spent on creation which moves your business forward.

our guest kris ward

Kris Ward is an author, podcaster coach, and speaker. She is a team building and system strategist and a leading authority in building your business by building your team. She is the founder of Win the Hour, Win the Day day philosophy and she helps entrepreneurs create their WIN team.

Learn more at:  Winthehourwintheday.com

Kris Ward - Win the Hour

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