“Local Business Buckets”

episode #601-  June 3, 2021

GUEST: Laura Cole | Vivial

Local marketing activities can be broken into three buckets online presence, search, and then mobile marketing,

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Today we are going to dive into local marketing, connecting with customers who are around the corner and down the street. The range of marketing choices for local businesses can be overwhelming. Our guest Laura Cole broke the conversation into three buckets: online presence, search, and then mobile marketing,

Online presence:: Get your website in good order. This is your online storefront to showcase the work that you do your specialties, your expertise.

Search Engines.: Google and major directories, ensuring that your listings are up to date with your name, address, phone number hours of operation and details about your business.  Make sure the information is current and accurate.

Mobile optimization:  This is more than just does your website look good on mobile? It is the entire experience that happens on mobile. It encompasses all the mobile tools you can use to reach out and connect with prospective customers.

our guest laura cole

Laura Cole s a Jack of all trades when it comes to digital marketing. She brings the latest online, social, and mobile solutions to businesses of every size. At Vivial, a leading digital marketing agency, Laura leads a passionate and creative team focused on the company’s go-to-market strategy, branding, public relations, and digital/social marketing strategy, as well as the company’s customer-centric training program and sales enablement strategy. She is also responsible for driving channel sales with a focus on growing the company’s reseller and agency client base.

Over the span of her impressive 20 year career, Laura has worked in a variety of roles – sales, operations, field marketing and product development, which has helped her develop a deep understanding of the customer and the necessary elements to achieve customer satisfaction.

In the digital marketing world, constant evolution is inevitable. Laura is highly skilled at identifying changing consumer behaviors and bringing new marketing solutions to the table to ensure business can reach and engage with target audiences. As such, she constantly works to stay ahead of the curve on the latest trends and technologies to ensure Vivial is providing the best tools and services to impact businesses.

Laura Cole on Local Marketing

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