“Look Inward for the Answers”

episode #447 – February 11, 2020


GUEST: Lauralee Hites| Stratavize

Introspection is our ability to examine our own mental and emotional state.

the episode

When you face a challenging situation,our guest Lauralee Hites believes before you look outward, use the process of introspection, to look inward.

You can do this by asking yourself three simple questions:

1) What is the story I am telling myself? – We all interpret events and experiences through an internal lens. Step outside yourself and look at the same event.  Do others see it the same way? 

2) What am I doing to contribute to this problem? In most situations there are multiple contributing factors.  Sometimes even when you are trying to help you are actually making things worse.  

3) What tools(s) to I bring to this problem? Have you heard the expression that when you have a hammer, every problem is a nail? 

KEY TAKEAWAY: Introspection can help you understand how your assumptions, or bias can alter your perception of a situation, possibly leading you to the wrong solution. 

our guest lauralee hites

Lauralee Hites is the founder of Stratavize Consulting. Lauralee, as she likes to say, grew up in Corporate America working with some of the best companies on earth like, Wells Fargo, Accenture and Microsoft.

She is a successful speaker, dynamic facilitator, and organization consultant.

She is among a small number of people in the world that obsess (in a totally healthy way) about everything business. By that we mean she studies and writes about business operation models, competition, the future of business, the human side of business and more.

When she is not onsite with a client, speaking at an event, she likely has her nose in a book about… you got it… Business!

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